While this picture probably represents the height of my fashionableness, it was just the very beginning of my fascination with visual story. Growing up, I loved movies. Then my own filmmaking journey began with a college internship at Saturday Night Live, and it has taken me from New York to LA,  from Texas to Africa and back again. There are a few stories I could tell about all that. But I’d rather tell yours. 


I have been in love with books and the stories in them since my wee days. How hard did I cry when I finished The Yearling, lying on the floor behind my bed when I was in third grade? Pretty hard. Story is powerful. Aside from reading them and sharing them with our three homeschooled boys, I write them for print materials or websites, I script them for video… once upon a time I wrote a screen play. And a book. I just write stuff.

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Partners in life, in business, and in Christ. We have collaborated for nearly two decades telling stories, from home videos of our three boys to the story of a modern-day Joseph on the big screen… and everything in between. In different seasons, home has been the outer suburbs, the inner city, and the middle of Africa, which have each made their own everlasting claim on us. Most of our years together have been spent working in the church and on the mission field, living out the eternal story still being written in our own lives. 

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