Your story matters...

     We can help you tell it.


You are doing great work, so you have great stories to tell. You know you want to tell them, need to tell them, but you might not know where to begin or have the creative team to do so. That’s where Cloudhaven Media comes in.


We come alongside you to be a creative resource and partner. We help you through the entire process of identifying which are the most strategic stories to tell and how to tell them in the most engaging and impactful ways.


We love a good story. In this way we're pretty much just like the rest of humanity- stretching all the way back to a story that began in a garden with an extraordinary Hero and a pretty epic villain. Humans are wired for story. We just also happen to love telling them.



We work with our clients as creative partners, helping them connect with their audience by sharing the stories that are unique and important to them. Mostly this happens through video production and creative/copy writing or sometimes we perform interpretive dance. Actually it's just the writing and video.


Wether you are a for-profit or non-profit, small business or large business,

para-church or the local church, in our community or half-way around the world... we can help you tell your unique stories to engage, inspire and activate your audience.